How Social Media Enhances Brand Awareness

We’re living in the world where social media is key, and the use of social media marketing is important to growing your online presence. Social media has also changed the way we reach our target audience and created so many opportunities. Therefore, whether you are using influencers, referrals, or putting out the content, social media has proven to be a key factor in creating brand awareness.

Before we continue, let us define what brand awareness is. Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services. How does social media help enhance this? Most people would trust a referral from their favorite influencer or friend on social media and this can create a chain of referrals and awareness for the brand. Social media is a platform where brands can maintain the right customer relationships while having the opportunity to be found by potential customers.

Ways social media can enhance brand awareness:

Social sharing can be impactful for a brand by extending their reach. The important key is to create something share-worthy. This can be achieved by creating something that people believe in, desire or have an emotional connection to, something funny or used by someone they love. A good example is the Coca-Cola ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. Here they used something people have an emotional connection with-their name. You might think Coke is a brand that is well known and may not need brand awareness but it is important to be on your customers’ mind unless that space can be taken over by a competitor. The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign went viral all over the world. Many people participated by sharing their names on Coke bottles and engaged with their friends. This in turn increased sales and helped them engage with their customers.

Your online presence which comprises of your website, social media platforms etc, can create opportunities for your customers to reach you easily. You can be reached when they have reviews, complaints, and you can use the platforms to pass information. This makes it easy to create a close relationship with customers and builds trust.

Content creation makes it easy for customers to find, see and share goods or services on the platform. Whether your brand is big or still growing, sharing content on social platforms is very important. Contents like blogs and videos are being shared to a larger audience with a small or no budgetary allocation. It is thus easier to reach millions of people without the huge budgets of buying ad space on TV or print media. It is less daunting to see the number of people interested in the company’s products and services.